Size doesn't matter.

My name is Laurens and I'm a webdesigner graphic designer digital designer motion designer I design things.

A bit more about me

It was 19 years ago when my first website was online, created with Microsoft frontpage and a lot of frames and flash animations. I never stopped designing and making after that.

Currently working as an senior interactive designer at Lunar Gravity.

Adobe Creative Suite: 13 years of experience | Photoshop shortcuts: expert level | HTML/CSS: More than average | jQuery: More than average | Wordpress: More than average | Unreal Engine: basics | Video editing: expert | Keeping a dog alive: More than average


Less about me



Klarafy is a webtool that analyses your Spotify playlist and checks your favourite music, the general 'mood' of the music and specific musical elements such as instruments, vocal types and so on. Based on this extensive analysis Klarafy suggests different classical pieces you may really like.

Jupiler, Infected by music

I needed to create the visual branding for the Jupiler festival period. They choose the name "Infected by music" for this campaign. The word "infected" is a sensitive word to use in the context of a beer brand so i came up with the idea to visualise infection with music cables taking over the beer brand.

Wivina is a real estate website for an elderly home so the design had to be accessible. This was a fun project to do because there weren't any guidelines.

Mirror Japan

On my trip to Japan i made some short video's on the train/boat to make this surrealistic view of japan. I wanted to make a visible contrasts between the outdoor open nature and condensed claustrophobic city's.


I created this logo and identity for a soon to come vegetarian place called Cesar. The logo is based on Julius Caesar's crown. I thought the leaves where a nice reference to the vegetarian part of the restaurant.

Eversem, Call Of Duty 4 MP map

I recreated a part of Eversem (a real town in Belgium) with the official Call Of Duty mapping tool. This project was done for a game event that took place at the same location. It took me almost a year to do everything from creating all the buildings to adding effects and lights to the map. These things are normally done by different people, but I wanted to do everything myself to learn every aspect of video game level design.

WWF Belgium website

This is a full redesign of the Belgian WWF website that is still in development. For this project I worked closely together with a UX designer.

Jazz Middelheim Klara logo

Klara wanted tho have a nice gadget to give out on the yearly jazz festival. So we came up with a tote bag where I had complete freedom to create an artwork including the Klara logo.


GLITCH is a personal project that i've been working on for some time now. Glitch started out as just an experiment with some new techniques inside cinema 4D and after effects. I started messing around with some tools until I got the idea of creating some sort of testing room where basic "living" shapes appear.

Company visuals for Famous relations

We created visuals for a brand new PR company ‘Famous Relations’, so they could use these visuals in presentations and on their website. Collaboration with Lauwri De Pater.

Fama food typography

These are some of the custom hand made typo's I made for fama's online campaign. The typo itself is based on the corresponding dish.

2BE valentine's day campaign visual

The message for this campaign was "This Valentine, give your heart to someone who really needs it" because there are currently 100 Belgians waiting for a new heart. So I created this non-typical Valentine’s heart and included a handwritten typo.

Chalk door birth card

I created this card for the birth of Hanne and Shih’s daughter Lulu. The door is the actual door of Lulu’s room.


I thought it would be nice to animate some still images and create some kind of “dark” and “light side” of the scenery. Creating and animating the shapes to function like a gateway trough the 2 different “sides” seemed like an interesting way to display the different sides.